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Public Ed in Camden

Praise for Public Education in Camden, NJ
     "Thanks to Fred Reiss, Ed.D., for writing the defining book on public education in Camden prior to 1948." - DVRBS,

"This book has become a must-have. I refer to it often and everyone knows I have it and they borrow the book. The last person to borrow never returned it. Ultimately, I purchased another....This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in the beginnings of public education." Customer Review

Public Education in Camden, N.J.

Spanning more than a hundred years, Public Education in Camden, N.J.: From Inception to Integration tells the history of one of the oldest and largest school districts in New Jersey.



Using vignettes and historical narratives, author Fred Reiss, current assistant superintendent of the Camden Board of Education, tells how the Camden Public Schools survived and thrived through events both mundane and spectacular.


Public Education in Camden, N.J.: From Inception to Integration describes and interprets the actions of a board of education throughout a century of history, including:


  • The Civil War era
  • Hostility between the Republican-controlled city and the Democratic-controlled state
  • Peculation and jobbery by board members
  • The World Wars
  • The Great Depression
  • Racism and segregation


Using detailed records from many primary sources, Reiss offers a compelling look at the growth and development of an educational board within an historical framework.

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